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iCentrix's experience includes bringing a wide range of business models to the web in record time. Our clients leverage partner relationships, and the software environments we build for them are based on multi-partner data and business rules. Among them are enterprise-level systems for supporting e-business on the internet, including both retail and BtoB features. The systems include a branded, dynamic web site with advanced merchandising features, management of payment transactions, order management, customer service, interactive reporting, and integration to numerous other systems including back office.

The scope of the systems includes support for business operations in the areas of marketing, accounting, purchasing and inventory management, customer service, and production. A wide range of business models, product sets, and brand types were developed using this approach. The experience with these clients proves the capability to create a reusable architecture supporting a wide range of disparate systems. The common thread amongst these systems is access and management of information involving custom business rules by a number of dispersed users, each requiring different views of the information based on their roles. Because of the inherent reusability of the approach, the cost of development is reduced dramatically from high 6-7 digit development costs, to costs in the low 5-6 digit range.

Some of the kinds of business models developed include retail collaborative models, distribution models, e-Marketplaces, multi-partner marketing referral sites, promotional models, and a co-branded or private label multi-partner model. Most recently we are developing a web-based child care information system to support a state's regulation of providers, claims management, and payment of subsidies.

Our clients continue to evolve and grow their businesses, and as these businesses change, the software environment we built for them has continued to evolve. Our clients have avoided the sunk costs so often incurred when companies implement internet strategies and have to scrap the first or second generation sites and rebuild from scratch each time until an adequate solution is obtained. In contrast, our clients have added major new elements to their business models, including such major features as a "group buy" capability allowing multi-customers to band together to obtain volume discounts, adding scores of new suppliers without any new development, or adding a wide range of discount programs including coupons, price sale promotions, or buying with loyalty points.

One case study illustrates the advantages of using a layered component-based architecture that separates presentation from application logic and application logic from data. In the fall of 2001, one client selected Great Plains to provide their business with a robust solution for managing the general ledger, accounts payable and cash. The installation needed to address several issues related directly to the operation of the web site, including accurate and timely sales reporting and accurate and up-to-date inventory management. Integration with the web site began in the last few days of August and needed to be completed before the holiday rush in November. The schedule called for go-live in the second week of October to allow time to optimize operations before the holiday rush. Another requirement made the task even more difficult. The web site itself was to be completely redesigned and given a completely different look and feel and navigation structure in the same time frame. Because of the layered architecture and the solid component-based underpinnings of the software environment, iCentrix was able to complete both tasks in parallel on schedule and with in cost.

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