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To support these goals, many organizations have adopted a form of “clinician’s dashboard” that allows individual clinicians to monitor all of the organizations objectives for the clients on their caseload in a single place. The figure below shows an example – the clinician is presented with a list of all the clients on their caseload, with columns to isolate each of the performance objectives, showing key measures such as the number of days since the last face-to-face contact, days since last service, days before the next treatment plan update is due, days until the next quarterly review is due and so on.

These dashboards must be fine tuned to specific program requirements and organizational needs to be effective.

Business intelligence tools are also set up for managers to allow them to track compliance trends and isolate pockets of non-compliance where improvements must be made in order to meet organizational goals. The figure on the first page shows an example of this for a commonly required compliance measure associated with access to care: number of days from intake to first service. Although its helpful for managers to be able to track overall average numbers for the organization, when compliance falls short, managers need tools to be able to drilldown and isolate ways of improving compliance. This figure shows how an overall average for the organization can be broken down to isolate compliance by program, then to teams within the program, and ultimately individual staff members performance. These drilldowns have proven to be effective tools for managers, allowing them to make significant gains in compliance by discovering ways of improving performance (experiences show that the key to performance improvement often has to do as much with organizational processes as it does with the individual clinician’s performance).

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