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While it’s great to have the measurements and reports needed to meet certain program objectives, executives often find they lack the tools needed to show how the organization is performing overall. This is the purpose of the executive dashboard/scorecard (dashboards and scorecards are effectively the same thing, with an implied emphasis on graphics in the dashboard, versus a more tabular presentation in the scorecard).

This figure shows an example of a dashboard that can be used as a starting point for discussions amongst senior management. It captures the measurement experiences of many organizations running many different types of programs in a single list. This allows organizations to start from concrete examples, allowing them to envision and discuss how similar techniques might apply to their organization as opposed to starting from a blank slate. This and the process of tailoring the measurements to a particular organization’s programs, organizational structures, management practices and business processes is part of the “discovery” process.

The discovery process is typically performed as series of meetings (typically a web conference) involving a steering committee of persons selected for either their role in the organization or their particular insights (e.g., data or clinical insights). A typical group would involve executive management (CEO, COO, and/or CFO and associate directors), program directors, quality and compliance staff and possibly an IT representative.

Organizations that participate in the discovery process often find the meetings interesting and illuminating as they begin to see the opportunity to envision and express ways of improving processes and measurement within the organization. Staff who begin the meetings wondering why they are there, often become the biggest participants as they begin to appreciate what is possible and realize that some of their best harbored ideas could actually be put into implementation.

The figure above shows how the generic scorecard can be used to focus the discussion, and track key indicators of particular interest/importance to the organization. During the course of the discussion, ready-made examples are used to illustrate charts/tables that would be used in support of the indicators, such as those shown to the right.

A key benefit of this process is gaining knowledge from experiences of other organizations, as represented by the examples in the generic dashboard. Several organizations we worked with expressed interested in extending this concept further, to include direct collaboration with other agencies who are using these technologies. To support this concept we have identified several partner organizations who are interested in exchanging experiences and lessons-learned with other organizations regarding the use of management indicators.

If you would like your organization to benefit from these experiences as well, there are several different options for participation, ranging from a one-time web demonstration of the generic dashboard and related concepts, to going through the complete discovery process, to collaborating with other organizations. All of these are at no cost to the organization.

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