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iCentrix, a leading provider of e-Forms solutions and data warehouses/business intelligence for behavioral health and substance abuse organizations, is leveraging the latest e-Forms technologies to develop electronic healthcare records that provide a tangible return on investment systems for inpatient and outpatient service providers.

Examples: Detox with Medical Orders and Medical Administration Protocols, Foster Care with full family kinship descriptions, compliance and services, detail Outpatient documentation, specialized Children records, Residential tracking and reporting, Rehab skills and objectives progression, specific Emergency Services documentation and Inpatient assignment, tracking and treatment.

Available as stand alone EHR system or a specialty add-on module to provide the missing features.

Modern e-Forms technology allows rapid conversion of internal and state/regulatory paper forms into electronic forms that capture all of the data elements needed to support inpatient and outpatient processes online, paving the way for a significant return on investment to the organization by automating key business processes.

iCentrix has a ten year track record of developing solutions for behavioral health and substance abuse organizations that provide major paybacks to the provider. A key part of our success is our processes for mapping an organization’s needs to a cost-effective solution that provides tangible benefits. We’re so confident in these processes that we provide the analysis and definition process at no charge to the organization.

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