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iCentrix eForms solution is based on an Open Architecture and is database driven. This provides a great number of options when it comes to dealing with business data in disparate systems and addressing specialized business process.

Flexible Integration Strategy
Flexible Integration Strategy

iCentrix eForms Integration Features

  • Interoperability with existing systems - leverages existing data, business rules, organizational and permission structures.
  • Underlying Microsoft SQL database captures data for reporting and analysis on compliance, outcomes, etc. - links data from other sources using a data warehouse approach.
  • Database-driven approach maximizes opportunities for decision support (e.g., only applicable fields are editable depending upon the user's role, pre-populated fields, hotlinks and shortcuts, etc.)
  • Open architecture allows data and business logic to be captured in a vendor-independent environment - no need to invest in and create greater dependence on existing vendor systems (this is particularly important for agencies considering changing billing/clinical system vendors.)
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