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Electronic Healthcare Records System for Medically Supervised, Inpatient, and Outpatient Detox.

iCentrix eForms Detox Solution provides a complete electronic record based on the organizationís internal and regulatory forms pertaining to the Inpatient Detox processes:

Reduce medication errors: MARís are set up to ensure that the doses and times are given and captured according to established protocols. The system provides automated support for nursing shift and daily reviews, providing an automated way to detect missing medication doses before shifts are closed.
  Examples: Dates, Times, Frequencies are automatically written onto the MARís based on the medical order. Users are restricted to entering med administrations that match the protocol. The MARís capture the status of each administration (e.g., Given, Refused, Discontinued, Held, etc.) as well as the nurses signature.

Medical Orders

Reduce time spent on paperwork creation and lookup: Forms are automatically cross populated to reduce time on paperwork and increase consistency
  • Intake Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Assessments
  • Medical Orders
  • Medication Administration Records
  • Progress Notes
  • Discharge and Aftercare
Examples: Populating assessments, such as a biopsychosocial form (e.g., pre-populating DOB, Gender, Race, highest grade, primary language, etc. from intake)
Pre-populating the medical practitionerís assessment from the nursing intake assessment (e.g., pre-populating allergies, or medical history)

Medication Administration Records (MAR)

Ensure Compliance: The system includes constraints to ensure that all proper documentation is created, e.g., ensuring that consent forms are signed before drugs can be administered.
The system implements various types of constraints as forms are completed to ensure that required fields are completed and data values are appropriate. Pulldowns, radio buttons and other controls are incorporated to constrain choices (as opposed to allowing any text to be typed into a text box). This increases consistency, reliability, reportability and ease of use. Examples: Consent forms for applicable drugs are created automatically from the medical orders and the corresponding medication administration record cannot be completed until the consent form is signed.

Reduce costs of reporting: The system provides the capability to automatically generate state, payor and other regulatory reporting files that are typically done manually because they require aggregating data from various sources. This can produce a significant cost savings that provides an ROI.
The system includes the capability to automatically generate practice management and state/payor regulatory reports. Information such as treatment teams and mapping of clients and staff to teams is included where needed to support the reports. Examples: Census (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), Admissions, Discharges, Bed Transfers, Discharge Planning and Aftercare, Red Flag Clients

Reduce cost and improve accuracy of billing: The system includes the capability to automatically generate billing reports, as well as integrating with third-party billing systems to provide automated billing.
  Examples: Information captured on the forms is used to automatically calculate values needed for billing, including utilization, medically approved discharges, placement targets, and performance incentives.

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