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COMPLETE RECORD: Designed by the Massachusetts DD-EMR consortium members to meet the specific needs of Massachusetts DD providers, payers and regulators. The iCentrix DD-EMR includes many “job improvement” features, such as one time data entry, creation of Emergency Fact Sheets, program specific business rules, alerts and more.

DD-EMR CONSORTIUM: “Our goal is to bring together the best thinking across organizations, share ideas, experiences and costs along with setting future direction for the EMR. We also aim to create more interoperability to facilitate information exchange between State and provider EMR systems.”

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USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Helps to overcome numerous barriers to full EMR adoption, especially ease of use. By utilizing forms technology to convert familiar documents into easy-to-use electronic forms, this drastically reduces the learning curve and minimizes errors.

SUPPORTS ALL DD SERVICES: Over 100 up-to date forms have been assembled covering Residential, Day, Employment, Transportation, Family, Individual Support, Community Habilitation and other programs all in one system. This ever growing list is kept current through the efforts of the consortium members.

CLAIMS VALIDATION TECHNIQUES: Reduce claim rejection, denials and over payment with a combination of best pratices including:

  • Accurately documenting which services were actually furnished
  • Enforcing medical necessity documentation linkage
  • Ensuring that claim information is accurate and complete
  • Archiving record information for a minimum of 6 years
  • .
  • Produce comprehensive population and service level reports
  • .

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