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Through experience working with more than 150 healthcare providers over a 16 year period to develop custom reporting systems and data warehouses, iCentrix has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing providers in the areas of data analysis and reporting

Business Intelligence for Accountable Care
iCentrix introduces a new approach to data analysis and reporting that allows providers to get the most out of their data with minimum effort, infrastructure or cost.

The iCentrix Healthcare Dashboard captures data from multiple sources and synthesizes the data using a data warehouse approach into integrated dashboard views reflecting performance, quality and compliance.

If lack of access to meaningful data is hindering your organizationís progress, the Dashboard provides a straightforward path for overcoming the barriers.

Multiple Data Sources
Most providers end up with important data stored in multiple sources and formats. For example, many providers are required to report outcomes to an external web-site, while their clinical data is stored separately in an EHR / billing system. Residential program data, such as census and/or critical outcomes, is often stored in separate systems from outpatient data, due to differences in requirements for the data to be captured. Ancillary data needed to develop integrated management reports, such as program budgets or staff productivity targets is often stored in separate spreadsheets or databases.
Even when data is stored in a single EHR/clinical system, most providers face limitations in developing the reports they need, because the underlying data is stored separately.

Data integration is a difficult and challenging technical task that is time consuming and costly to overcome. Although techniques for accomplishing data integration using data warehouse design are well known, most providers lack the resources or in-house technical skills to apply them in-house.

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