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The iCentrix Healthcare Dashboard uses a data warehouse approach to organize data and make it available for reporting and analysis. The discipline of data warehouse design is well-developed, and there are a variety of design techniques inherent in the discipline that provide important leverage for generating the level of data integration, flexibility and slicing/drilldown capability required. The data warehouse allows the system to take multiple sources of data and unify them into an integrated data model.

Figure 1 below shows the architecture of the Dashboard. The system takes multiple data feeds representing a variety of different types of information. Clinical Data includes client demographics and diagnosis, program enrollment, services encounters, episode of care, staff, and other clinical data.

Figure 1. iCentrix eForms Architecture

Census data includes data used in support of residential, day treatment and inpatient programs to track census. Critical outcomes data includes critical items such as hospitalization, incarceration, or number of med assists. Assessed outcomes involves capturing scores from outcome assessment instruments such as Ages and Stages, Ansell-Casey, Basis-24, CANS, or the Geriatric Depression Scale (iCentrix Dashboard can integrate results from virtually any instrument). Attendance data pertains to day-oriented programs such as school-based or day treatment programs. Paid time off data can be sourced to create integrated views of productivity that adjust targets for time-off. Staff productivity target data is used to establish targets per-staff to allow detailed management of productivity.

The breadth of data that is integrated into the Dashboard is quite broad. If there is some type of data that may be important to you that you do not see in the list, please do not hesitate to ask about it chances are we have already worked with the type of data in question.

The model can incorporate different combinations of data and grow over time.

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