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The iCentrix Healthcare Dashboard uses industry leading business intelligence tools to provide assistance to managers and analysts with interpreting and analyzing key performance indicators. The Dashboard does not produce only a single dashboard, but rather, any number of dynamic dashboards applicable to the wide variety of programs and responsibilities within a typical multi-service organization. Dashboards are dynamic and customizable, and users can create their own customized views, specific to their role in the organization and program responsibilities.

The Dashboard Organization View shows trends over time, across program/teams, across KPI’s, and across thresholds in a single view. An example of trends over time is shown below:

Users can set the time period and time granularity (Month-Quarter-Year) to suit their purpose. Visualization tools such as Data Bars shown here, help highlight trends.

When thresholds are involved, visualization tools help highlight changes in thresholds over time as shown below:

Managers and analysts can set the Dashboard to show only those programs/teams that are applicable to them, allowing them to more easily spot trends across their programs:

Outliers can be investigated by drilling-down to partition values by a wide variety of characteristics, including client demographic, diagnosis, and clinical dimensions. Drilldowns allow users to isolate underlying trends, providing them with better insight leading to process or clinical changes that make significant increases in revenue or efficiency.

The list of available drilldowns is tailored for each KPI to help users select options that are meaningful and useful. The preferred drilldown can be preset for each KPI, allowing users to quickly select a drilldown by simply clicking on any cell. The figure below on the left shows the drilldown preset to drilldown by Substance

The figure to the right shows the results of the drilldown (both a graphic chart and table are produced). Users can further drilldown to identify the individual clients comprising any report. Charts and tables can be sorted, as well as choosing a second dimension to include in the chart:

The Dashboard also includes longitudinal views, staff scorecard views, performance and clinical chart views showing trends in graphic form, as well as client case history views. All of the views are dynamically selectable with drilldowns, allowing users to generate literally hundreds of thousands of reports with a few clicks. This power allows managers to set up views that help with the decision-making process. In order to allow the Dashboard to be aligned with program and organization-specific goals, all of the features of the Dashboard are customizable, including adding KPI’s, adding/changing available drilldowns, setting thresholds, selecting preferred visualization tools, and selecting desired charts.

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