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The iCentrix Healthcare Dashboard uses Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform as it's underlying technology to implement the Dashboard , involving SQL Server for the relational database, Analysis Services as the business intelligence engine and Excel 2010 for the presentation layer. In terms of comparing business intelligence technologies, Microsoft is a leader in the industry. Gartner Group, one of the most respected reviewers of software technologies, selected Microsoft as the leading business intelligence platform in 2011 (see the figure below), so users can feel comfortable that they’re leveraging the most advanced business intelligence capabilities available in the market.

Microsoft added powerful business intelligence tools into Excel 2010, providing an industry leading solution for business intelligence, while retaining the customizability and extensibility inherent in Excel.

Business intelligence (BI) technologies provide tools for loading, transforming, and manipulating data, but they are raw technology tools and creating a working implementation requires a technical software designer with deep knowledge of BI technologies and database design. Users will get out what the designer puts in, and strategies that focus on the technology aspects, instead of on the information needs and underlying data model, will not get the true benefits of the technology. The key to the Dashboard is that it provides the underlying database model and implementation, based on years of development experience, to allow these powerful technologies to be fully leveraged.

The BI technologies are interchangeable, whereas the underlying database model is fundamental to an effective solution. Microsoft’s BI Platform allows access to the database from any of the unique data presentation/visualization tools on the market, so building the database on Microsoft technology does not limit choices for the future.

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