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The breadth and depth of reporting inherent in the Dashboard gives managers a tool they can use to spot trends and outliers and to identify underlying trends and causes, thereby providing insight into training issues or process changes that improve results. Contrast this with the typical reporting environment involving report-writer tools: When a manager makes a request for a report, the report writer does their best to understand the manager’s objectives, and writes a custom report to meet their needs. Once the report is written, the manager often finds out that to get what they were looking for, they’ll need to change the report and/or create other more detailed reports. There will also be an aspect of not trusting the numbers, or the underlying logic of the report, and significant effort will be required to validate the report(s). Managers often become frustrated with the report-writing process, because it takes too many cycles to finally get what they need. The dynamic nature of the Dashboard circumvents this barrier by allowing reports to be obtained on-the-fly, so users can get the information they need when it is most critical.

The availability of information across the enterprise by managers at all levels of the organization provides a catalyst for change, allowing the organization to make informed decisions that lead to improvements in performance, quality, compliance or outcomes. Users of these tools have been able to make changes that are game changers for the organization.

One executive director remarked that she doesn’t know how she could have worked through all of the changes in their funding environment, involving changes in program types and budgets forced by the state leadership, without having access to these tools. She was able to use the historical perspective of the data warehouse to validate plans for changes to programs, to determine whether they would produce the cost savings needed to meet the new requirements.

There are many examples where organizations made significant changes based on information available in the data warehouse. Some of these are described in a white paper that outlines specific user experiences. This can be viewed at A broad range of benefits have been achieved. The list below shows some of the types of benefits that can be achieved based on past experiences of organizations.

  • Track productive hours in real-time, compensating for paid time off. These reports have been used to increase revenue by 30% or more, representing millions of dollars of new-found revenue.
  • Use interactive drilldowns to minimize no shows, lag time for paperwork, coding errors and misuse, manage caseload sizes, and more.
  • Compare amounts and types of service to expected amounts based on levels of care or diagnosis.
  • Capture and manage critical outcomes, census and attendance
  • Incorporate results from critical and assessed outcomes; Tie to clinical information to allow analysis of treatment effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate performance to accountable care organizations, partners, and payers.

The capability to perform these functions can be critical to successfully meeting program objectives in a constrained budget environment. With the changes flowing down from the outgrowth of healthcare reform, we are seeing more and more organizations facing a critical need to be able to perform these types of functions effectively.

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