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The first step is to view a demonstration of the capabilities of the Dashboard. This allows stakeholders to get an understanding of how the capabilities map to their organizationís needs. After the first demonstration, it is sometimes necessary to involve other stakeholders in the discussions, so more than one demonstration may be needed. Besides reviewing the features of the Dashboard, these meetings involve a discussion about the types of Key Performance Indicators that would be applicable for the organization based on their program types and the regulatory environment. This allows the organization to develop an understanding how the Dashboard will specifically support their needs.

The next step is to review the types of data files that would be provided by the organization to be imported into the Dashboard. iCentrix will provide file definitions for each type of data, allowing the organizationís staff who are familiar with their data to identify the extracts that would be needed to feed the Dashboard. iCentrix will provide assistance with questions/issues that may arise from these discussions.

The next step is set-up, where the organization provides the files and iCentrix imports the files and generates the initial configuration of the Dashboard. The organization will be given access and the team will meet to review and validate the data reflected in the Dashboard. This provides an opportunity to discover any issues with how the data is processed or interpreted.

Once this phase is complete, the Dashboard is ready for real-time update. File imports will be set up to happen automatically, and information in the Dashboard will be automatically updated daily. The Dashboard is ready to use and will be continually updated over time.

For more information, or to schedule a demonstration, contact Doug Phillipon at 603-893-3922 ext. 25, or

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