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iCentrix has developed an innovative approach to system development. Following the Evolutionary System Development methodology and utilizing the ICE™ framework, iCentrix assembles early prototypes in order to help the user better understand and evaluate their requirements. Very early in the development process, users are able to see and interact with their ideas on a functional level.

Studies have shown that getting even a low-functionality version of the product into customers hands at the earliest opportunity dramatically improves quality.This practice also yields in a much better understanding of the requirements by both the developer and the customer, resulting in a superior product.

The chart below illustrates that in a standard development process not much, if any, functionality is available for feedback until more than half of the project is complete.

Conversely, an Evolutionary development process would expose functional system components very early in the development process and keep this visibility current with the progress of the system.

So by the time the project is finished, the customer is very familiar with what they are getting and perhaps are even partly trained on some parts of the system, making formal training much easier.

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