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iCentrix develops business intelligence applications to provide businesses with tools for managing and improving performance, helping business analyze key drivers such as asset utilization, profit/loss by account and customer profiling.

iCentrix provides clients with interactive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that allow information to be accessed across the enterprise through role-based access.

iCentrix Business Intelligence Solution has four main subsystems:

  • Data Integration- Provides for integration of multiple data sources into an integrated SQL database
  • Data warehouse- Used to develop data cubes and dimensions to support flexible reporting
  • KPI Reports and Dashboard- Makes daily operational information available to end users
  • Ad-hoc Analysis- Leverages data warehouse cubes and dimension for on the fly analysis

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iCentrix leverages Microsoft Business Intelligence technology, including SQL Server 2000, Analysis Services and Reporting Services, to develop applications that maximize the value of business information

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    Business Intelligence (BI)
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