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Using this approach, iCentrix has developed real-time, interactive business performance indicators for businesses in various domains. Indicators have been developed for the following key business drivers:

  • Productivity of Employees
    • By Department
    • By Employee
    • By Service Type
    • Billable Hours Versus Plan
    • Trends
    • Utilization - % billable
  • Revenue Trends
    • Revenue Trends
    • By Department
    • By Account
    • Tracking Unbilled Services (no case mgmt charges)
  • Costs
    • Labor Costs
    • Transportation Costs
    • Cost of Service
    • Profit Versus Loss
  • Client Profiles
    • Current Active Caseload
    • Patient Load Allocation (caseload)
    • Patient History Reports
    • Not Seen Since Date
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Client Satisfaction
    • Survey Results
  • Client Acquisition
    • Rate Trends (Admissions by RU)
    • By Department (RU)
    • By Type (payor source)
  • Documents or Events - Extranets
    • Sharing presentation materials, documents, etc.
    • Calendar
    • Reminders
    • Contacts
  • Inventory
  • Quality

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