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The application of performance indicators involves two parts to the process: 1) gathering data and aggregating it into indicators of performance, which is fundamentally a technical process, and 2) presentation of the indicators and interpretation of their meaning, which is fundamentally a management process. Information technology personnel may be responsible for the first part, but frequently the gathering and aggregation of data is performed at the department level, using desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel and Access, along with email and file sharing for distribution.

Management drives the process because they are the ones who understand the business needs. The process begins with a goal, such as reducing costs or improving productivity. The goal leads to questions about the business that must be answered in order to achieve the goal.

A single table or chart of productivity by department, for example, yields little insight. These types of single point reports, showing a single parameter in one dimension, are the reports managers are used to receiving. They provide a snap shot of a point in time and only lead to more questions. The supporting infrastructure, organization and technology, must provide a way for the manager to continue the line of questioning in order to make progress.

It is often these very detailed questions that lead to opportunities for process improvement. For example, recognizing that a particular case worker spends a greater percentage of time traveling to a patient than others may be an opportunity to assign cases that are closer together to that employee, to reduce travel time, and thereby improve productivity.

From these types of examples, we can see that identifying goals and measurements of business processes related to the goal can get the manager started on the right path towards improving performance. These Key Performance Indicators allow them to begin to ask the right questions. Yet without support in the infrastructure for finding answers to these questions, the process stops short of fulfilling the promise of improvement. In many businesses, managers are stuck with single point batch reports measuring standard business parameters such as cost, revenue or productivity without any organized means of exploring the underlying causes.

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