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Several principles can be applied to developing effective business performance indicators:

  • Key drivers -- measure business processes that have a critical impact on the business affecting the bottom line
  • Roll-up capability -- aggregate information into high-level summary numbers, compare to benchmarks and show trends over time
  • Selection -- provide an interactive means of obtaining indicator values for various dimensions of the business such as reporting unit, service type, clinician, date range, insurance, etc.
  • Drilldown capability -- allow indicator values to be broken down to the next level of the business hierarchy, such as by clinicians in a reporting unit, by service type, etc.
  • Traceability -- provide a means of breaking down values all the way back to the raw data they are derived from, such as business transactions, patient names, etc.
  • Role-based access -- provide real-time access to all individuals involved in the business processes being measured while protecting sensitive information from access by unauthorized individuals
  • Business rules -- parameterize business rules so that they can be changed without recoding, and denote on the reports where business rules are being applied to the data

The iCentrix approach integrates data from multiple sources into a centralized data repository. The information is made available to each user, according to their role in the business, through a customized, web-based interface. Security and confidentiality are provided through password protected access control and other security mechanisms. Data management features are included to provide for add/modify/delete of additional data that may not be captured in the existing systems.

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