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The integrated, centralized database enables organizational relationships to be captured, allowing information to be rolled up to the summary level or drilled down to source level detail. Information can be rolled up to different levels of management, such as director versus manager, each reflecting individual spans of control. The customizable structure allows new database relationships to be easily defined. This capability is made possible because business relationships are captured in the database and reports are built with many options, so it is possible to construct drill down reports by reusing business logic and report structures.

The drill down capability has a number of important benefits. First, all summary numbers can be verified and understood by the end user directly. This obviates the need to involve technical IT personnel in explaining the supporting data and algorithms and helps build trust in the summary numbers across the organization. Second, the ability to drill down allows users to understand the supporting data, which is often the level of analysis required to determine root causes and take proactive measures to improve business processes. Third, access to the more detailed data allows users to obtain a greater range of information than was previously available. This is a key aspect in reducing the need for endless development of new reports, because the slices and aggregations of data needed for different purposes are already available to the user. All data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, presented graphically or to statistical analysis packages / business intelligence tools for further review.

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