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Our architecture incorporates concepts, ideas and knowledge gathered by working in the behavioral health domain developing many different types of systems for large and small behavioral health agencies across the country

The focus of this architecture is on interfaces for clinicians, doctors/nurses, and supervisors and interfaces for management and executives versus the traditional approach of “storing data”, which often leads to systems that support neither the clinician nor the manager well. Many of our clients have asked us to build add-on interfaces that integrate with their “data storing” EHR to improve the clinician’s or manager’s capabilities. We recognize the shortfalls of those designs.

iCentrix eForms Architecture

The EHR captures all the data inherent in the “data storing” EHR’s, while bypassing the need for the traditional bulky and hard-to-customize internal database tables and data entry screens by using advanced XML and data warehouse technologies to exchange directly between the two layers (eForm view for clinician’s and business intelligence view for management).

This makes for a more efficient, more flexible, and more effective system. The effort that is usually put into customizing the software screens and tables can be put directly into optimizing the user-interfaces for clinicians and optimizing the effectiveness of reports and analysis for managers.

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